Who we are


Villa Maraldo 1927 is a charming B&B in Orgnese di Cavasso Nuovo, in the high plain of Pordenone, perfectly framed into the luxuriant nature of western Friuli, gateway to the Friuli Valleys and Dolomites.
Luigi Maraldo
Luigi Maraldo was a highly skilled bricklayer and tilesetter. Similarly to many Friulians from the area, specialized in terrazzo flooring and known and appreciated all over the world, he emigrated overseas between the two world wars. Upon returning to his homeland, he built the villa, devoting his art to creating the beautiful mosaics on the ground floor. He used larch wood of the Friulian forests to build the large windows and the flooring of the noble floor, which houses the bedrooms and the beautiful living room, overlooking the Meduna river valley.
Thanks to a recent and meticulous conservative restoration, the elegant Art Nouveau residence has been expertly equipped with all modern comforts, while maintaining the charm of the time and the strong historical-artistic character that characterize it. All the spaces have been furnished with original Italian and French antiques, as well as the three unique bedrooms, which differ from each other in order to provide aesthetic pleasure and offer a glamorous stay.
Villa Maraldo
In the morning, guests welcome the new day with a sweet or savoury breakfast rich in carefully selected local products. In good weather, such meal can be enjoyed in the garden. The structure features a limited number of bedrooms, part of a large structure with several common rooms, which have all been elegantly furnished and with large outdoor spaces available. Therefore, our guests can enjoy an intimate and exclusive environment for truly unforgettable holidays.
Villa Maraldo